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listening to "Love Shack - B-52s" on Blip

And it just keeps going! Vroom Vroom Vroom! Love Shack baby!

listening to "1999 - Prince" on Blip

So let's party RETRO STYLE like it's 1999!
I'm feeling apocalyptic what with all crash and burn in the economy of late
All the times I waited patiently for you.. Good night and good luck!
@newwaveclassics speaking of comedy, audio file of a dream i had few months back: http://tinyurl.com/6hdtzu (no ukuleles in that one)
I love going to karaoke and singing this auf Deutsch even though all the karaoke versions have the english lyrics.
@newwaveclassics do you podcast? with your taste in music and vocal talents, you should!
And of course, there's this in response. I'll build the back end for the blog this weekend and we'll see what happens.
Gathering a breakfast club here on blip.fm, it feels like. Good. I own the domain http://dontyouforgetabout.me , and would love to teamblog it.
Amazing for as much traffic as I get on blip, twitter, facebook, my blog doesn't get much traffic. Maybe it was a mistake to consolidate them.